3D golf course!

In this activity we had to make a golf course, then we had to label all of the shapes and angles or other things.  This is my golf course. I named it Volcanic Illusion…

image This might have been one of my favourite maths activities ever!

What went well

One think that went well was,

My friend (Kyle Yi) and I went to the library during lunchtime and we found a very fun gear game to play. We go to the library a lot now.

another good thing that happened to me this week is science groups. It been so much, fun learning about space and making models.

Leadership Talk-Mrs Montgomery

This morning on the 29 October, Mrs. Montgomery came to the grade 5 classroom to speak about leadership.

The first thing she talked about listening. She talked about how you need to listen and act like your listening if you want to become a leader.

Another thing Mrs. Montgomery talked about having a sense of humour. She talked all about having a little laugh but not laughing at someone, laughing with someone.

Something else Mrs. Montgomery Talked about was having honesty.


Monty leadership day

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On the 5\8\15 all of the grade fives went on an excursion to Montmorency Secondary College for Leadership Day. Four grades were spit up on two buses, as usual. When we got off the bus Miss May put us into groups of many different colours like light blue, dark blue, mustard, yellow, gray and many more. Soon, grade 5G and 5V came. My best friends, Brendan Alex and Bailey came out of the bus and said that they were in group light blue like me.

I was extremely happy. When we went in side the school , we walked to a huge theatre room called the Auditorium. A few minutes later , a college student gave a speech and gave us cool light blue wrist bands an a passport that told us all the activities. There was flying blind, elevation frustration, coin laundry, the Aadvark challenge, international jewel heist, check in tangle, passport checkpoint (my favourite), airport dash, translation station and words with friends.our first activity was the Aadvark chuallenge, we needed to use teamwork co-operation and strategy.

I knew it was going to be fun…

Policeman Sean-leadership talk

On the 29/10/15 we had Policeman Sean to come and talk to us about leadership.

The first thing he talked about was that when he was a kid he was very shy and now he’s not, so we learnt to conquer shyness and challenge yourself.

Then he talked about life being a policeman and how it made him a leader, and learnt to be a good role model.

finally he talked about feeling comfortable what your doing.

What went well

Two things that went well were,

I went to the library at lunchtime with my friend (Kyle Yi) and we found a very fun gear game. We go to the library very often now.

another good thing that happened to me was science. I love learning about space and making models.