Monty leadership day

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On the 5\8\15 all of the grade fives went on an excursion to Montmorency Secondary College for Leadership Day. Four grades were spit up on two buses, as usual. When we got off the bus Miss May put us into groups of many different colours like light blue, dark blue, mustard, yellow, gray and many more. Soon, grade 5G and 5V came. My best friends, Brendan Alex and Bailey came out of the bus and said that they were in group light blue like me.

I was extremely happy. When we went in side the school , we walked to a huge theatre room called the Auditorium. A few minutes later , a college student gave a speech and gave us cool light blue wrist bands an a passport that told us all the activities. There was flying blind, elevation frustration, coin laundry, the Aadvark challenge, international jewel heist, check in tangle, passport checkpoint (my favourite), airport dash, translation station and words with friends.our first activity was the Aadvark chuallenge, we needed to use teamwork co-operation and strategy.

I knew it was going to be fun…

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