This is the place where I will be writing weekly reflections on our groups challenge.

week 1 reflections 

This week we were given a task to work on called challenge based learning or CBL. We had to think of something to do to save the environment.

We were put into groups to do it. In my group there is will.M, Aleecia and Erin.

our three solutions are to collect plastic bags (for Coles), collect batteries and switching lights off

Week 2 reflections

FThis week we chose our solution that was going to help the environment, which was collecting plastic bags for Coles/REDcycle. What we are going to do, is put a box in every classroom so kids can put plastic bags in it.

We are about to approve it to Miss May, then after that we can do all of our things like email Coles, make posters and rehearse a speech at assembly. I am proud of what we are doing.

Week 3 reflections

we have aproved our solution to miss may and have wrote the email/call to Coles/REDcycle and a speech in front of the principal and the speech for assembly. But there is still more things to do. I still like what we are doing.



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