Shadow Science

On the fifteenth of October we did an experiment to see if our shadows changed from the morning to the afternoon. In the morning we casted vast shadows, but in the afternoon we had no shadows at all

imageThese are morning shadowsimage imageyou can see that they are long and decent, whereas the afternoon shadows looked like this:

image image imageThere are no shadows because the clouds are in the way (because the sky is overcast with clouds) there are shadows in the morning because the sun is out.

To make a shadow you need an object and light.

A shadow is a reflection of an object blocking the sun.

Right now the sun has come out from behind the clouds and my shadow has turned 90° because the sun has moved. Shadows are amazing 

Haiku poetry

A Haiku poem is a type of poem when there are three lines. The first has 5 syllables the second has 7 syllables and the third has 5.


Feel the heat and the breeze

Spring is here so say hooray

Oh no Spring is gone!




Cause and Effect


Cause and effect means when something happens and something follows after,eg. I scratched my knee, so it started bleeding.

Our task was to watch a short video called ‘mikes new car’ as a grade. We took notes on our iPads eg. Mike tried to close the bonnet, but he was too short.

How to make a quality post

imageTo make a quality post you need to write a good description of what the activity is. You also need to have a picture (sometimes captioned). At the end of your post, you should always have an open-ended question about the activity. Just remember,NO text-talk/shortened words (eg. this activity was gr8) what is your favourite thing about posting?